1.  CFACE shall be a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-terroristic, non-profit, and non-religious organization (NGO, NPO, NTO, NRO), with primary goals as a political educational charity, and a secondary goal to influence politics, political candidacy, government policies, participating in political campaign(s), and other political activities without direct affiliation with any political party. The role of CFACE in politics shall be entirely non partisan, and strictly for the betterment of Africans.


2.  The funds raised by, and assets of CFACE wherever and by whosesoever derived shall only be directed towards achieving the objectives of the organization and shall by no means be transferred into the personal benefits of the members of CFACE or any other individual(s), and/or group(s) for reason(s) other than furthering the course of CFACE. No part of the CFACE net earnings shall inure to the benefit of private individuals or any claimed shareholders.


3.   In the event of the discontinuity of CFACE, all assets and accounts shall be transferred to orphanage homes in Africa. None of such shall go to any member of CFACE personally. The share to go to each home shall be determined by such home’s population size.