1     TYPES:

There shall be six major provisional committees. The major provisional committees shall be as follows:


(A)        The Intelligence Committee

This shall be formed when members are suspected wanting, or have gone against the constitution and/or backing laws. It shall comprise of three to five (3-5) members. There duties shall be as follows:


I.                 Conduct proper investigation on issues of doubt.

II.             Must not investigate any other matter other than that for which it was formed, unless such matter is needed to reach a conclusion on the specific matter being investigated.

III.         If investigation finding(s) indicate other separate and seemingly independent matter(s) that require investigation, recommendation(s) must be made to the management team of the corresponding level, or immediate higher level in cases where a member of the corresponding level’s management team is involved, or directly to the enforcement team where a member of the Global Management Team, or Hall of Founders is involved. Such report would be an obligation to establish another Intelligence Committee which must comprise of no member of the recommending Intelligence Committee.


IV.       Make recommendations for approval of the Management Team of same CFACE level or immediate higher level in cases where at least one member of the Management Team is concerned with the issue(s) at hand. However, if such investigation relates to the global level or the Hall of Founders (that is as little as one member of the Management Team or Hall of Founders is involved in the issue of dispute), this committee is empowered to make final decisions and pass such decision directly to the enforcement committee for immediate action.


V.           Must automatically transition to dissolution on completion of each specific task.



(B)        Enforcement Committee

This shall comprise of three members and shall implement the final decisions based on the applied penalty, resulting from the findings of the intelligence committee as approved by:


I.                 The Management Team of the concerned level.


II.             The Management Team of the immediate higher level, where at least one member of the concerned level’s management team is involved in the issue(s) at hand.


III.         The chair person of the Intelligence Committee where at least one member of the Global Management Team or Hall of Founders is involved in the issue(s) at hand.

(C)       The Implementation Committee

This shall be formed whenever a political, social, educational, and/or any other activity is to be executed. It shall:


                                   I.                        Be chaired by the Logistics Director of the corresponding level.


                                  II.                        Comprise of not more than eight members.


                                 III.                     Present and defend all financial statement(s) of expenditure on every activity executed, to the Management Team, not more than two (2) weeks following completion of such activity/event.


                               IV.                        Stand dissolved immediately after financial defense has been accepted and approved by the Management Team.


(D)       The Transition Committee

This shall be by nomination from the house and shall


I.                     Oversee the electoral process in not more than two weeks, on abnormal conditions and two months circumstances.


II.             Shall also be formed on interim following a vacant MT position for any reason.


III.         Shall comprise of five to nine (5-9) members


IV.       Stand dissolved following the swearing in ceremony of the elected officers.


(E)         The Audit Committee


I.                 Shall be formed annually to audit the account of the Management Team for the concerned year with a membership reappointment of one year gap.

II.             Shall comprise of four to six (4-6) members appointed by the house, and approved by the corresponding level’s Management Team.

III.             Shall stand dissolved as soon as the task for which they were appointed is completed.