The objectives of the organization shall be:



i)                   Encourage the engagement of Africans in the political process of their resident country, and on

                      a global scale.

ii)                  Convey the concerns, interests, and expectations of Africans to global leaders.

iii)                 Objectively present the concerns, and protect the interests of Africans.

iv)                 Expand the range of opportunities available to Africans globally.

v)                  Strengthen the relationship between Africa and the rest of the world.

vi)                 Encourage the smooth and fair flow of technology, science, social and cultural heritage between

                      Africa and the rest of the global community using politics as the driving force.

vii)                Publish books, booklets, newspapers, journals, magazines, pamphlets,

                      periodicals etc. with aim of encouraging Africans to engage in activities aligned with the CFACE constitution.

viii)               Encourage peace in Africa by facilitating the involvement of  Africans in local a global politics.

ix)                Utilize global political engagement in curbing community, national, and international disputes concerning Africa

x)                 Assist in the reorganization of African economies socially, morally, culturally, and

                     otherwise, without using physical force, while applying politics as the driving engine.

xi)                 Sponsor and/or support activities and/or programs with objectives agreeing with those of CFACE.