1.      MEETINGS

The Secretariat Director on approval of the President shall call for meetings. This must be done by circulars, which must reach the concerned persons in not less than five business days before such meeting. However, emergency Management Team meetings could be called by any member of the Management Team if approved by two third of the team. The message(s) of schedule of such meeting(s) must reach all the management team members in not less than thirty six (36) hours prior to such meetings. The following will also apply:


A.     Management Team Meetings


        I      This shall be held for not less than once a month by the organizations Management Team at all levels.


       II      The President of the concerned level shall be the presiding officer at all meetings.


      III      Where issues need be settled by vote, the President shall not be entitled to vote, but shall have the deciding vote where there is a tie.


      IV      Lateness and absenteeism to meetings shall be pardonable only three times   in a year and setbacks must be reasonable. Other occurrence will attract the payment of a fine approved by the Management Team. However cases of life and death, and performance of official duty are exceptional


B.     Community And District Levels

CFACE shall hold general meetings of the house as deemed fit by the Management Team. A member or group of members shall also be able to request meetings through the MT(s). This must be approved by two third (2/3) of the house, proven by signed documents. Under the immediate prior conditions, information of such meeting must reach the Management Team of the immediate higher level concerned not less than seventy-two (72) before such meeting.



This shall be held at levels from Global to National, and shall last for three to five (3-5) days. Part of its program of activities shall be the following:


A.       Book launching


B.        Seminars


C.       The CFACE re-union dinner


D.       Fund raising


E.        Social visits (e.g. Presidential Buildings, Governors Buildings, Law Makers, etc.)


F.        Prospective political candidates, existing political candidates, and political office holders address CFACE.


G.       The strength in togetherness walk


H.       Donations


I.          Management Team audit report presentation.


J.          Management Team elections of corresponding level.