The major qualification for membership shall be total acceptance of this constitution and backing bylaws. Membership shall be of three categories. The categories are as follows:


A.     Natural Members: These shall be CFACE members who were born Africans, regardless of place and/or country of residence, profession, gender, origin, race, religion, social and/or cultural background.


B.     Special Members: These shall be citizens of the international community, regardless of country of origin place of residence race gender, religion, social and/or cultural background.



C.     Honorary Members: These shall be prominent and/or eminent members of the international community who shall gain membership by honor regardless of race, gender, religion, country of origin and/or residence, social and/or cultural background. Such persons must have showed interest in Africa and/or affairs concerning Africa and/or Africans.



Members shall be admitted into CFACE by application to the Divisional Management Team (DMT) of the division of CFACE in the state in which the applicant resides or works. Such application must reach the DMT directly or through the CFACE Community level where such has been established, not less than two weeks before admission. The DMT shall be vested with power to accept or refuse membership application. Members shall be the sole source of candidates for elections into the management team(s) and induction into the Hall of Founders.   




Membership register shall be maintained and updated frequently by the Secretariat of the DMT of each state division of CFACE. Such register shall show payment of annual subscription.  





A.     Cancellation/Suspension of membership;

The appropriate bodies shall be vested with the power to cancel and/or suspend the membership of any member or group in accordance with the provisions of section 7A and 7B of this constitution. This must be implemented in written notice which must be sent with purpose to reach the concerned member no less than five business days from intended time of membership cancellation.


B.     Withdrawal of Membership;

Withdrawal of membership shall be by official letter to the related Management Team (MT) of the corresponding level in no less than five business days from the intended date of withdrawal. Copies of such letters must reach the Zonal Management Team (ZMT) and the National Management Team (NMT) in no less than seventy-two (72) hours prior to withdrawal effective time.