Only one Hall of Founders group shall exist in CFACE globally. The group must always be odd in number. This group shall NOT make any organization management decisions. Its sole role shall be to act as the organization’s ultimate/final decision maker in matters concerning the interpretation of the CFACE constitution. Its powers shall override every other authority (including executives of every level) only on matters concerning the interpretation of the constitution OF CFACE.


a)    Size: The CFACE Hall of Founders shall be no more than eleven (11) at inception. The Hall of Founders alone shall be authorized to increase the size of the group by no more than 20% of each existing size, up to a maximum of seventy seven (77). All final size after such increase must guarantee the retention of the odd numbered size for this group.

i)      Any increase of the size of the hall of founders beyond 20% shall require the general consensus of all CFACE members globally via a vote.

ii)   Any increase that takes the size of the Hall of Founders beyond 77 shall require the general consensus of all CFACE members globally via a vote. Any such increase shall not be more that 20% of the existing, and this clause must not be overridden: not even by a CFACE general member votes.

b) Conflict of Interest: No member of the Hall of Founders shall be permitted to participate in any other management, coordination, and/or supervision of any other CFACE activity, event, and/or group (including the management teams of any level, and/or ad-hock committee to mention a few)

c)  Pressing Needs: If the organization is identified as in dire need for a talent seen in any member of the Hall of Founders, the Hall of Founders shall be authorized to temporarily release such member. Such release shall be determined by a simple majority vote of the members of the Hall of Founders. Under this clause, the following must hold:


i)      When a member of the Hall of Founders is released in this manner, while serving in the temporary capacity in the new responsibility, such a member shall not be considered a member of the Hall of Founders, and shall therefore not be allowed to attend meetings of the Hall of Founders, nor shall (s)he have any voting rights on matters considered by the Hall of Founders, nor shall (s)he receive any correspondence, notifications and/or minutes of the meetings of the Hall of Founders, unless such correspondence concerns the following:

(1)      A request to abandon all temporary responsibility and return to the Hall of Founders.

(2)      A request to complete all responsibility as planned or within a specified period and return to the Hall of Founders.

(3)      A general notification also sent to some or all other CFACE members concerning the Hall of Founders deliberation(s), and/or final decision(s) on certain matters.


ii)   Existing active members of the Hall of Founders are bared from transmitting any information concerning the consideration(s), and/or meeting content(s) of the Hall of Founders with any prior member of the Hall of Founders. Such communication shall attract a punishment up to permanent/lifetime dismissal of both parties from the Hall of Founders if found wanting.

iii)            On completion of such temporary task, and/or at the request of the Hall of Founders, such Hall of Founders member must relinquish all engagement in such temporary responsibility and return to full service as a member of the Hall of Founders. Refusal to abide by this clause shall lead to a lifetime forfeiture of the Hall of Founders membership.


d)    Personal Pursuit: Should a member of the Hall of Founder Decide to personally pursue other leadership roles in CFACE without being released as in article 1.C.I of this chapter, such a member shall be entitled to leave the Hall of Founders at will, but shall forfeit their Hall of Founders membership for life without readmission. This clause must be strictly adhered to at all times with 0% tolerance.



At each level of CFACE, a management team shall run the affairs of the organization, democratically. Decision-making shall involve the house. No decision taken shall counter the organization’s constitution, amendments, and or bylaws. All decisions must adhere to the laws established by the legal system(s) in the corresponding location of the level concerned



The Management Team shall comprise of the following offices;


1.    The President

2.    Vice President (For Global Level only)

3.    The Secretariat Director

4.    The Finance Director

5.    The Treasury Director

6.    The Corporate Affairs Director

7.    The Logistics Director


Positions 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 above shall be elected offices. Position 2 which shall only exist at the global level shall only be filled via appointment made by the global president.



The duties, scope, and limits of the officers of the management teams are as follows:


i)      Duties of the President


(1)                        Shall be the level’s head and chief executive officer of the management team.

(2)                        Shall preside over all management team and general house meetings.

(3)                        Shall have the power to delegate duties to any member of the management team, committees formed, and/or members of the organization.

(4)                        Shall make decisions in cases of ties.

(5)                        Shall run the team only by democracy and objectivity.

(6)                        Shall be a signatory to the organization’s corresponding level account.

(7)                        Shall be acted for, on conditions of unavoidable absence, by the Secretariat Director.


ii)    Duties Of The Secretariat Director


(1)                        Shall act for the president on cases of unavoidable absence.

(2)                        Shall be in charge of the organization’s secretariat and staff.

(3)                                Shall on the approval of the president, call and arrange for all management and general house meetings.

(4)                                Shall be a signatory to the organizations bank account.

(5)                        Shall keep and annually update the organizations membership register.

(6)                        Shall carry out any other official dues designated by the President.



iii) Duties Of The Finance Director


(1)                        Shall create and analyze the organization’s budget.

(2)                        Shall collect all funds in form of cash, drafts, checks, bills etc. due to the organization, on behalf of CFACE

(3)                        Shall transfer all such funds collected in (iii-2) above to the Treasury Director no latter than seventy-two hours after collection.

(4)                         Shall take regular account of the organization’s financial activities.

(5)                        Shall issue receipt where necessary to those concerned.

(6)                        Shall prepare and present annually, an annual statement of account of the organization to the general house.

(7)                        Shall keep all documents of accounts of the organization and audit the expenditure of any officer before the next management meeting following any expenditure

(8)                        Shall discharge any other official duty assigned him/her by the president.



iv) The Duties Of The Treasury Director


(1)                        Shall be the organization’s representative to its banker(s).

(2)                        Shall keep a balanced account of withdrawal(s) and pay-in(s), of the account(s) of the organization, ready for assessment at any point in time.

(3)                        Shall keep a copy of all documents of withdrawal as endorsed by the President and the Accounts Director.

(4)                        Shall pay all funds collected, from the finance director or on behalf of the organization, into the organization’s account no later than seventy-two (72) hours after collection.

(5)                        Shall be a signatory to the organization’s account.

(6)                        Shall discharge other duties officially assigned by the President.



v)   Duties Of The Corporate Affairs Director


(1)                        Shall be the image-maker of the organization.

(2)                        Shall represent the organization on external activities as approved and directed by the president.

(3)                        Shall laterally act for the Secretariat Director on cases of unavoidable absence.

(4)                        Shall handle all the organization’s publication, correspondence, and shall be editor in chief where applicable.

(5)                        Shall discharge any other duty assigned by the President.

vi) Duties Of The Logistics Director


(1)                        Shall plan and execute all the activities of CFACE.

(2)                        Shall assess for fitness (socially/legally) all programs to be sponsored / supported by CFACE and make recommendations to the President for approval.

(3)                        Shall draw the annual operations plan of the organization’s activities prior to each implementation year, and submit such plan to the Management team for approval. Such plan(s) must be approved and ready for implementation not less than one (1) month to the starting of concerned year. However such plan can be adjusted when necessary.

(4)                        Shall handle an active role in the costing of proposals.

(5)                        Shall draw plans for and actively take part in the formation of units/levels where necessary.

(6)                        Shall be the chairperson of all implementing committees.

(7)                        Shall discharge any other duty assigned by the President.



vii)          Duties of the Global Vice President(s)


A)  Shall be appointed by the Global President, on approval of the GMT, and shall perform the following duties:


                                    I      Shall represent the President in areas of constraint such as languages etc., and other areas recognized by the GMT.


                                     II      Shall Report to the Secretariat Director in the unavoidable absence of the President.


                                     III      Shall perform any other duties assigned by the President.


B)  This constitution hereby recognizes the need for, and therefore establishes the office of the:

a.     Vice President for France, and Francophone Africa.

b.     Vice President for Spain, and Spanish America.

c.     Vice President for Arabia, and Arabic communities

C)  All GMT regardless of constitutional amendment(s) shall respect this.




These shall comprise of Subsections i-vii of Section b in Chapter this chapter.



The president in collaboration with other members of the management team shall be vested with the power to appoint their own Advisory Council.