...Togetherness in strength
The CFACE Hall of Founders currently comprise of ten (10) members who were all involved with the founding of the organization. Their sole role is to protect, interpret, and implement the constitution of CFACE and/or its supporting bye laws globally. Constitutionally these members are not allowed participate in the organization's executive management and/or run for office. If these members chose to run for office, they must forfeit their office as a member of the Hall of Founders after authorization by vote, and shall return back to their role as members of the Hall of Founders in accordance to the mandates of the CFACE constitution.

Ultimately the Hall of Founders is expected to grow to a maximum of seventy seven (77) globally and/or in compliance with the CFACE constitution which call for an odd numbered size. Well serving members shall be inducted into the CFACE Hall of Founders following the provisions of the CFACE constitution.

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