1.  Every member of CFACE is expected to be properly disciplined and ethical in all dealings. This shall be referenced at all time as follows:


A.           Chapter Seven, Section 1, Subsections A and B shall be invoked for this purpose.


B.            Decision passed to the Implementation Committee shall be subject to appeal to the corresponding MT, or the MT of the immediate higher level where a member of the corresponding MT is involved.


C.            A member shall be disciplined partly for the following reasons.


I.   Unreasonable absence/lateness to meetings.


II.  Social misconduct


III  Any legal conviction


IV. Sexual misconducts between members and spouses of other members.


V.  Sexual/emotional relationships between a member and the offspring of another without the approval of such parent member.


VI.   Involvement in terroristic acts (shall attract dismissal)


VII.  Conducts contrary to aims and objectives of CFACE


VIII.  Fraud.


IX.    Breach of CFACE constitution.


X.     Any other reason deemed necessary by the House.



D.           There shall be a fair investigation before decision is made in every case.


E.            Adequate notice must reach concerned person(s) prior to investigation.


F.             Disciplinary measures as follows may be taken:

I.   Cancellation of membership


II.  Suspension of membership.


III.  Disqualification from contesting elected positions in CFACE.


IV.  Dissolution of rights and power to office


V.    Suspension from office.


VI.    Restitution.


VII.   Legal prosecution.