The power of this constitution shall commence on the 1ST of January 2011, or whatever date(s) the Global Level of this organization is established if sooner than mentioned date.




This constitution can only be amended in a global convention, any addition, subtraction, amendment, and/or alteration must be subject to the following:


I.                 Change must be subject to the resolution made by two-third (2/3) of the delegates to the global convention.


II.             Notice of such change must have reached all levels Worldwide not less than sixty (60) week days before the global convention at which such change will be considered. Such consideration shall be subject to the approval of the Hall of Founders. 


III.   Under conditions of amendments the Hall of Founders shall moderate the change process.


         IV.  On cases of conflict(s) in interpretation at all levels up to the Global Level, the Hall of Founders shall be vested with the power of final interpretation.


Except with contrary intention in this constitution:n:

I.  “CFACE” means Collaborative Front for African Concerns and Expectations.


II. “The Organization” means CFACE.


III. “MT” means Management Team.


IV.  “Delegates to convention” means those specially nominated to represent a particular level at the convention. This does not mean that any other member cannot attend a convention.


V.  “Elected Officer” means a person elected to an office as a management team member.


VI. “Global Root” means the organization’s base in the United States of Americaca.

VII. “Global Headquarters” means the organization’s headquarters in the USA.

VIII. “Bye Laws” means rules that shall be generally made with time to back the constitution where silent. Contributions to such rule shall at all times involve delegates from all levels of CFACE, coordinated by the Hall of Founders.


IX.   “House” and “Generally” means a size of members as much as two-third (2/3) of corresponding level.


 X.  “Community” means the smallest unit of CFACE which may be formed in towns, wards, counties, cities or even academic institutions.